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Jane Egginton is a shamanic healer, yoga teacher and author. A focus that is both global and hyper local brings community, communication and co creation to the core of what she does. Jane explored the world as a travel and wellbeing author of books and articles before a feeling of being lost from herself consumed her. She embarked on a journey which saw her training in the birthplace of yoga in India and in Celtic Shamanism in Somerset.

Jane’s favourite place is increasingly where she happens to be. India taught her as much as her London University English Literature MA and she is proud to be Ambassador for Somerset where she was born and bred. She loves the indigenous wisdom of the British Isles and Hackney where she works as a shamanic healer at the Healing Space.


Accessible, creative and holistic are a few of Jane’s watchwords and her community work grows organically. Founding a local food market in a diverse East London neighbourhood, it flourished into a not-for-profit community café.  Hackney Heart promised to be ‘whatever anyone wants it to be’ with Jane named Time Out Person of the Year for her creative community work.

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